Tilebed – $60/yard Sourced from the local quarry, ranging  from about 1″-2″ in size. Commonly used for drainage applications; around weeping tile and french drains. Becoming [...]


Sandfill – $20/yard Locally sourced fine sand, has not been screened so there is the occasional rocks and roots. Best used for fill where you would like to promote drainage.

1/8″ Chip

1/8″ Chip – $60/yard Fairly new product on the market, used much the same way as screenings. It has been washed and screened and is engineered to perform better than screenings. Will [...]

3/4 Crusher

3/4 Crusher – $35/yard Often used for driveways as it packs the best. Essential for the base of any patio/walkway/driveway if installing pavers/concrete or asphalt as your finished material.


Pre-Mix – $60/yard Mix with cement to get concrete! Special mix of aggregates to create a strong concrete. Used by both contractors and homeowners alike.

Mason Sand

Mason Sand – $50/yard It’s in the name, commonly used by contractors and homeowners to make cement for brick laying. Also commonly used as base for pools.

River Rock 2-4″

River Rock 2-4″ – $65/yard River rock sourced from the local quarry, fairly neutral grey in colour. Excellent ground-cover and for uses such as dry river beds and seasonally wet areas.

3/8″ Peastone

Peastone – $60/yard 3/8″ screened round stone. Used as both decorative ground cover and on walkways. Gentle on bare feet.

3/4″ Round Stone

3/4 Round Stone – $50/yard Same as Peastone,  just bigger! Used as both decorative ground cover and on walkways. Gentle on bare feet. Complements River Rock in the garden nicely.


Screenings – $35/yard Very fine, crushed limestone that packs very well. Often used as the final layer before installing pavers or flagstone. Occasionally used on driveways/walkways, [...]