Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few common questions.

Can my pick-up truck hold 1 yard of material?

A pickup truck can hold 1 yard of product. Please mind, however, that not all pickup trucks and trailers can handle the weight of our products!

Do I need to be home when product is delivered?

YES! It is recommended that customers receiving deliveries are home to ensure we have the correct location. Furthermore, single loads are COD (Cash on delivery).

How many yards of product will I need to cover X amount of area?

Find the area of your garden in feet (length x width). Multiply this number by how thick you would like to cover the area (make sure this is in feet!). Divide your final number by 27. This will give you approximately how many yards of product you will need.

How thick should a fresh bed of mulch be?

It is recommended to make beds 4 inches deep. If you are getting a top-up, 2 inches or under are recommended.

I don’t need a whole yard of product, are there other options for me?
It is no problem if you require less than a yard of product, however we do have a minimum loading fee of $25. All our stone aggregates come in bags as well as bulk. We do not carry mulch and soil in bags at this time.
What are your methods of payment?

We accept cash, cheque, and debit TAP (maximum $100). We also accept credit cards with a 3% fee per transaction

What is the best stone for a driveway?

The majority of driveways are 3/4 Crushed Stone as this is a good packing stone. Some of our customers prefer a layer of Clear Stone on top for better curb appeal. Others prefer Screenings as it packs like cement, however, this product is known to track into homes.

What is the difference between screened topsoil, soil/compost mix, and triple mix?

Screened topsoil is used for filling in areas for grass planting. Soil/Compost mix is a richer, more organic mixture and generally used in areas where flowers/shrubs or trees are planted. Triple mix is a dark black soil which is best used in over seeding lawns, container boxes, and in flower beds.

What is the difference between the variety of mulches you supply?
Natural hardwood boasts a great brown color that is all natural, no dyes, and holds the colour well throughout the year. Hardwood will decompose the quickest. Colored mulch is a Natural Hardwood mulch, but is colored using eco-friendly dyes so no worries about it harming your plants. The colors available are brown and black. Cedar Mulch has that distinct aroma, golden color and will decompose slower than hardwood and therefore will not need to be replenished as often. Our Cedar mulch also comes in a red color, which is colored using eco-friendly dyes as well. Pine mulch has a natural brown color, it will decompose the slowest of the mulches and creates the best barrier against weed intrusion.


What is the weight of products being picked up per yard?

A yard of mulch will weigh 500lbs or 230kg. A yard of soil will weigh 1700lbs or 770kg. A yard of stone (limestone) will weigh 2500lbs or 1.1tne.

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